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Our clients are constantly facing pressure to meet cost savings targets that increase year over year. It’s difficult to balance the need to get more output from current audits, learn about opportunities their existing processes aren’t capturing and have their best players focusing on the highest impact areas.

Here are the most common challenges our clients face in reducing their leased access costs:
Lofty savings targets

Savings goals increase year after year and it's hard to keep up
Complex data environments

Client teams must make sense of volumes of complex, inaccurate, or incomplete data
Limited resources or capabilities

Too much out there for existing teams and tools to cover and may be difficult to identify new gaps and opportunity areas
Challenges with partners & vendors

Frustration with previous vendors providing recommendations that did not respect the unique operating environment or were not realized and completed
How does it work?
We work together to find out where coverage is needed and then gather relevant system data.

Telecom specific analytics are applied to identify disconnect and dispute opportunities.

From there, an Agility team member is responsible for managing them through to completion which means when the savings hit the invoice.

We manage the details, you see the savings.

Results you can expect from a leased access cost reduction project.
  • Capture Quick Wins

    Disconnect or dispute unused services and overpayments

  • Find New Audit Areas

    Your coverage supplemented by a fresh look by our teams

  • Understand Root Causes For Errors

    Pinpoint where issues are so you can improve your processes.

  • Capture Both Cost And Revenue Opportunities

    Analyzing margin on services means more opportunity for dollars in the door

Our Experience
Opportunities Managed
Telecom Systems Worked In
Savings & Recoveries
Acquisitions Supported

"I needed someone to come in and quickly tell me where I’m overpaying and Agility did that and more. I truly enjoyed working with their team.”

-- Rich Jackson, Executive Director of Telecom Expense Management

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