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The time, complexity, and resources needed plan, start and execute on inventory projects while working towards cost savings goals is more than any one team can handle. Here are the three most common challenges our clients face in managing colocation spend.
Unknown Physical Inventory

Our clients know what projects they need, but are having trouble planning because they don’t have accurate details of what’s on site.
Limited Internal Resources

Client teams need to perform their day to day responsibilities and don’t have time or resources to gather information needed.
Vendor Invoice

Client vendors are charging them for space, power or cross connects they’re not using or should have already been disconnected.
How does it work?
Colocation sites selected by our clients are physically audited against vendor bills and system inventory information

Physical inventory details are gathered while on site which includes a review of space, power, and interconnection down to the level of detail requested.

After the site visit, physical details are matched to invoice and systems data to identify disconnect and dispute opportunities.

Client validations occur to ensure opportunities are valid. Either the client's team submits to vendor or Agility can submit and manage each disconnect or dispute to completion to ensure savings hit the invoice.
We manage the details, you see the savings.
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Results you can expect from a leased colocation project.
  • Capture Quick Wins

    Disconnect and dispute unused and underutilized cross connects, panels, racks, cages and power and use these savings dollars to pay for the project.

  • Pay For What You Use

    Vendors only bill for those items that exist on site.

  • Accelerate Planning

    Jumpstart consolidation or growth projects by getting the inventory details needed.

Our Experience
MRC Savings

"It felt like a true partnership. The Agility team was very inquisitive and very bright. They wouldn’t let something go if it looked even the least bit suspicious and were real bulldogs when it came to finding disparities with vendors.”

-- Senior Manager of Carrier Cost Management

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